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As a quilter, I should have put one of my quilts on a bed a long time ago.  Instead I have just been storing them in a glass quilt case.  I love the case and at one time it was full enough that I couldn’t have added another quilt to it.  But I have been sharing my quilts with grandchildren and I finally realized that one of them needed to be where it belonged–on a bed.  So the wildflower quilt made with the Floral Fantasy pattern found here Aunty M Designs is now on our guest bed.  However, I had no pillow shams or decorative pillows to match that quilt.  So I have spent some time working on designing some special pillows.  Only one is done and there will be two of them eventually.  As many projects seem to go, this one has been edited and changed multiple times over the last few days.  But I think I am finally happy with the results.  Of course it will look better when there are two of these against the headboard.  And when time permits, I will be adding some extra throw pillows too.

While the pattern linked above does not include any bluebonnet redwork designs, I have digitized them and am willing to send them to anyone who does machine embroidery.  Just comment below and let me know what format you need and I will send the designs to you.  There are 2 different bluebonnet designs in the quilt–one for the snowball block and one for the border.  The design on the pillow is not one I can share.  But you can find it at Embroidery Library.

So what lesson did I learn?  It is a common one.  As soon as you think something is going to go a certain direction, it takes a turn and heads you down a different path.  Be prepared and sometimes those paths can be more interesting than what you planned!

Update:  Two pillows have now been made!


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  1. Suzanne Neuhaus. says:

    I’m enjoying your blog very much. I too have come to same conclusion about quilts for beds in our home.

    Of course, I’d like the bluebonnet designs.

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